Kaphal-Wild Berries

a children's film

some stills from kaphal

Kaphal 1

Param Kaka (Niraj Sah), Capt. Dhonu (Gurpal Singh), Bhagwa Dada (Satish Yadav) – at the tea-stall.
The children waiting for Kailash.


Kaphal 2

Kailash (Subrat Dutta), Kamru (Pawan Negi), Param Kaka (Niraj Sah), Bhagwa Dada (Satish Yadav), Capt. Dhonu (Gurpal Singh), Guruji (Shoorveer Tyagi), Sulla (Pubali Sanyal) – at the temple.
Kailash fights with the villagers.

Kaphal 3

Pagli Dadi (Sunita Rajwar), Ghungra (Anjali Negi), Kamru (Pawan Negi), Makar (Harish Rana) –  at Pagli Dadi’s house.
Pagli Dadi tells the children her story.

Kaphal 4

Capt. Dhonu (Gurpal Singh), Param Kaka (Niraj Sah), Bhagwa Dada (Satish Yadav),  Makar (Harish Rana), Pusu (Ajay Rana), Bupi (Anuraaj Negi) – at the village.
The children tease the old men.

Kaphal 5

Makar (Harish Rana), Bupi (Anuraaj Negi), Pusu (Ajay Rana), Kamru (Pawan Negi) – at the village.
Kailash repairs Bupi’s helicopter.



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