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mobile costume department

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Geeta and Durga live in Suvari village, Ghimtoli. Not only did they help us to source costumes, and accessories, but made sure that they were worn right. The actors in the film blended in completely with the villagers, thanks to their sharp eyes.

Satish spent the entire schedule trying to capture Geeta’s beautiful smile, and only succeeded on the last day.

The terrrain of our shooting locations made it necessary that the costumes moved with us with every shift of location. Geeta, Durga, 2 assistant directors, and 2 runners, carried the costume department with them every where we went.

Actors often had to change in the forest or in a car.

Though Geeta and Durga did not smile at the camera, they could be heard giggling and gossiping through the day.


10 comments on “mobile costume department

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  2. kateshrewsday
    June 21, 2012

    Making a film is clearly hard work – what an industrious pair, Banno!

    • Banno
      June 22, 2012

      Kate, yes, they were hard-working, and also very smart.

  3. Anu Warrier
    June 22, 2012

    It’s interesting to see shots of the behind-the-scenes folks, Banno. Thank you.

    • Banno
      June 22, 2012

      Thank you, Anu.

  4. dustedoff
    June 22, 2012

    Who is the one with the dupatta on her head? She looks a lot like my ‘kaamwaali bai’, Bimla (who’s also a pahadi, by the way). 🙂

    • Banno
      June 22, 2012

      The one with the dupatta on her head, is Geeta, the reluctant smiler.

      • dustedoff
        June 23, 2012

        Thanks. I thought that was her. That bare hint of a smile in the third photo is very sweet.

  5. dipali
    July 5, 2012

    Lovely to read and see!

    • Banno
      July 6, 2012

      Thank you, Dipali. And I love your new Gravatar. 🙂

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