Kaphal-Wild Berries

a children's film

the journey begins

12 March, we are back on the Haridwar Super Fast. It is an auspicious day. The Dandi March commenced on this day, 82 years ago.

Not to say, we are doing anything remotely as relevant as the Dandi March.

The night before we were to leave home for 2 months of prep and shoot, exhausted with 2 days of packing, and wrapping up sundry jobs, I plopped onto the sofa after about 15 hours of rushing around. My glance fell on a bookshelf high up on the wall. “100 Great Lives”. Phoossh! went my crankiness. We make films, work in films, because we want to. There is no struggle involved.

This time, the Haridwar Super Fast seems cleaner. The attendant deposits our blankets and sheets with a smile. I crack how to work my laptop with my mobile internet connection.

It is hotter too.  It is no fun living in Rudraprayag above the confluence of the Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers, when it is cold. It will be a relief to stay in cottons, unburdened by layers of clothing.

This is where we are headed for our prep, and shoot. Village Ghimtoli, 30 kms, from Rudraprayag.


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